Friday, 7 March 2014

This is going to hurt...

What have I gone and done!? And why, why have I nominated myself to do something that I know is going to hurt?

I suppose the answer is; because I know it will be good for me in the long run. And most people will probably think that I'm just being melodramatic, afterall, it is just a bit of exercise.

But for somebody that hates walking upstairs to go to the toilet 5k is a very very very long distance to run. I'm going to be doing the NHS "couch-to-5k" running plan, which lasts 9 whole weeks. If you are wondering why this lazy bunny has randomly just decided to try and do something so drastic, I blame Basically, members join up, do the 5k running challenge and then share their experiences afterwards (hence this mini-blogs existance). I'd like to think that in 9 weeks time I will look back and laugh at what a whimp I've been. I am really not looking forward to this. In fact after joining the swap last night I woke up this morning thinking maybe I should back out.

 But I know that I need to get more active, I am 22 and recently the nurse said I had high blood pressure and should think about losing a little weight. On January 1st 2014 I weighed dead on 12st, (and yes in real Bridget Jone's Diary style I recorded it in my diary.) It's now Friday 7th March and I weight 11.9st, and I promise you I have not done a single moments exercise. I simply stopped eating take-outs and McDonalds! The only meal out I had in February was an all you can eat Chinese buffet for Valentines day (sexy, huh?) Oh and I had one cheeseburger at about 3am on a night out.

So, it'd be nice if this exercise regime will help me lose more weight (or at least help me lose my jelly bum) but mainly I'd just like to be able to run for a bus or up the stairs without feeling out of breath. I will try and blog about this project much more frequenly than I do about my paper crafting, but for now I need to go and buy some new trainers.

The run begins on Monday, (honest!)

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